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People often ask what I do and I’m never sure how to answer that. 

At the moment I’m editing  two books of photographs I’ve been taking for the past thirty-five

years. I’m also editing over two hundred hours of video I shot during the past ten years while rambling around the country.

One book of photographs, “FORGOTTEN FACES” was inspired by a chance encounter with an Angel on the subway platform at 72nd Street, and Broadway, in Manhattan in 1980 while

waiting for a train to the village. You can watch the video describing the encounter in the video section here, or you can go to Youtube.com, and search for raybouchard.


The other book of photographs, OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS, is a collection of photos I've taken since I was sixteen when my parents gave me my first camera. 


The book, GOD IS MY SEXTANT is a story about my journey through life. When I was twenty and getting ready to travel west for the first time my mother's father suggested I keep a journal to remember the trip by. He told me he'd always wanted to be a writer but never found the time. He was born in 1896. When I was young I’d sit on the front porch listening to his stories about “Old Florida,” when he and his father rode horseback to round up cattle out of the Pines and Palmettos.


I’m still not sure what it is I do, but I’m enjoying this part of the journey a lot.


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